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Artistic Inspiration Trip to SHMOG

I’ve been wanting to head to the Shanghai Museum of Glass for around 6 months now, and although it was a little small, it served it’s purpose in a bit of artistic inspiration. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Shanghai Museum of GlassShanghai Glass Museumme shanghai museum of glass cukimber

triangle reflections shanghai museum of glass cukimber

I also signed up for my own DIY glass blowing class!

glass blowing shanghai museum of glass DIY cukimber

my vase DIY Class Shanghai Museum of Glass

Sneak Peek into a cukimber photoshoot

So I had a photoshoot this weekend, not my first, but my first organized/conceptualized collection.  Thanks to Q, Mami & Julian for helping me out.  Can’t wait to show you guys the results!

cukimber photoshoot 2012


A Lesson Learned from a Graphic Designer Friend…

So, upon sending the initial flyer (that has been well received) that I made from the Spring Term of the Designer’s Corner at Jiashan Market, I asked my friend for feedback who happens to be a fantastic graphic designer.  She said the text on the bottom looked a little claustrophobic and after looking at it, she was totally right!  Here is the after (and final) flyer.  Had to amend to add lots of other designers too, and their gorgeous products!  I feel lucky to have access to them all in Shanghai!


And of course, the main part of the market, aka all your fresh vegetables, and locally produced treats, are available as well.


jiashan market 2012

We’re back…Designer’s Corner @ Jiashan Market!

Designer's Corner Jiashan Market Shanghai

These products from local designers and businesses and much more...

New Year, New products!

New Year, New products!

I’m getting a photoshoot done of all the new stuff I made while taking a respite from Shanghai. But I couldn’t resist and decided to post up the earrings I’m wearing today.


Style Icon

I’ve been feeling homesick nostalgic recently and just remembered that I was able to scan lots of old photos the last time I was home for a hot minute.  Included in those are photos of my mom, who has always been fabulously stylish.  Here is a homage of photos that literally took my breath away at times.  My dad took most of them.  Maybe artistic inspiration runs in my blood!


springtime and cherry blossoms

springtime and cherry blossoms


autumn in short shorts?

autumn in short shorts?





my parents in the reservation

my parents in the reservation

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